Werner S2208 and S2210 Attic Ladder

Werner Co.'s S2208 and S2210 attic ladders contain a dangerous defect that causes the ladders' hinges to break or shear after very little use. The S2208's and S2210's hinges reportedly broke easily because the hinges were made with pot metal. Pot metal, also known as "monkey metal," is a cheap metal that is prone to bending, distortion, cracking, shattering, and pitting. Although these attic ladders claim to have a 300-lbs. load capacity, the S2008 and S2210 ladders have reportedly broken while bearing much less weight. People have reported sustaining minor to severe injuries because of these defective ladders. 

In 2012, a class action was filed seeking compensation for customers with broken S2208 and S2210 ladders.  The class action was settled but only with regard to claims for replacing the attic ladders.  The settlement did not cover personal injury claims for anyone who was injured as a result of the defective ladders.  The time to assert a claim for a replacement ladder through the class action has passed.  But some individuals may still assert claims for injuries they have sustained.

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